Ancient wisdom meets modern medicine.  Harness the power of Ayurvedic nutrition and practices through advanced all natural nutraceuticals.  Powerful, natural active ingredients are combined into unique and effective formulas to target specific issues:  overall health, joint pain, weight loss, active athletes, and diabetes.

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Client Testimonials

“I’ve had great success with Fusionary Formulas. As a wellness coordinator for a sports and orthopedic practice that focuses on sports medicine, reconstructive surgery, and fragility fractures, we wanted to have a natural treatment option for musculoskeletal conditions available for our patients that. We wanted a product that would help to reduce chronic inflammation, help build bone strength, improve joint mobility and reduce pain and stiffness, in addition to helping our patients build a healthy immune system. Our patient testimonies are what matter to us and we had 100% success with the results of the products. All the blends are popular at the practice, yet Inflammatory Relief and Joint Repair proved to be the most popular. The products really work!! They are pharmaceutical strength and each ingredient is back by medical studies and research stating its efficacy. For products are based on thousands of years of practice and has served the need our patients in this modern age and is a product many of them have told us they were seeking. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to recommend a sound product that works.”

 –Camille Tirzah

Wellness Coach MS., CPT., NSC.

“I have been taking Turmeric Gold for two months now. I absolutely love this supplement. I have tried multiple brands of turmeric but this one seems to work best with my body. I take it along with Weight Loss Formula.  What I noticed immediately is that it curved my sweet tooth completely.  I have to go to many events for my job and in the past would always give in to temptation. (I am a chocolate lover). However, Weight Loss Formula eliminates my sugar and carb cravings completely. I recommend both these products.”

-Marie R.