INSTRUCTIONS: For each question, choose one of the three options that best describes you. Once complete, follow the scoring instructions that follow the questions to determine your results.


My least favorite kind of weather is:

  1. cold
  2. hot
  3. damp


My hands are normally:

  1. cold
  2. warm
  3. cool


My weight is:

  1. above average for my build
  2. average for my build
  3. below average for my build


I tend to:

  1. lose weight easily
  2. maintain weight easily
  3. gain weight easily


My skin tends to be:

  1. dry and rough (especially in winter)
  2. soft and ruddy
  3. oily and moist


My hair tends to be:

  1. dry
  2. fine, thin, reddish, or prematurely gray
  3. thick and wavy


When I walk:

  1. I am quick, more so than others
  2. I am determined to get where I’m going
  3. I am slow and steady, a leisurely pace


My activity level is:

  1. active; I like to be “on the go” and sometimes it’s hard to sit still
  2. competitive: I enjoy physical activity with a purpose
  3. leisure; I enjoy ease and relaxation


My daily appetite:

  1. varies
  2. I am uncomfortable skipping meals
  3. I enjoy eating but skip meals regularly


My eating habits:

  1. I tend to eat quickly, and have a delicate digestion
  2. I digest well; I can eat almost anything
  3. I eat and digest slowly


My fitness level:

  1. I get worn out quickly
  2. I am fairly strong; I can handle various physical activities
  3. I have good stamina and steady energy level


My build:

  1. I am fairly flexible
  2. I am fairly muscular
  3. I am fairly solid, big boned


When conflicts arise:

  1. I can be anxious and restless
  2. I can become intense, irritable
  3. I can get lazy or depressed


My moods:

  1. change quickly
  2. change slowly
  3. remain steady


Under stress:

  1. I am easily excited
  2. I can become angry or critical
  3. I’m pretty easy going; it takes a lot to stress me out


The most prominent feature of my personality is:

  1. I am creative, imaginative
  2. I am intelligent, efficient, a perfectionist
  3. I am caring, calm, patient


My decision-making:

  1. I have many ideas and change my mind easily
  2. I gather a lot of facts before forming an opinion
  3. I am stubborn; I am quick to making up my mind, and I won’t budge


My ability to pay attention and focus:

  1. I have a short attention span
  2. I concern myself with the details and can focus for long periods of time
  3. I see the big picture and can focus for long periods of time


My memory:

  1. I learn quickly and forget quickly
  2. I have a good general memory
  3. I learn slowly and have a good long term memory


My organization:

  1. I am good at getting things started, but not necessarily getting things finished
  2. I am very organized and will see things through from start to finish
  3. I may need help getting started, but I am good at finishing things


My friendships:

  1. I make and change friends often
  2. I am friends with my coworkers and relationships change with jobs
  3. My friendships are long lasting and sincere


My spending habits:

  1. I like to shop and spend money often
  2. I don’t like to spend money, except on special items
  3. I don’t like to spend at all; I’m good at saving money


My sleeping patterns:

  1. I have difficulty falling or staying asleep
  2. I sleep well, as an average person would
  3. I sleep long and sound; I find it difficult to wake up


My dreams:

  1. I dream a lot, but can’t remember them specifically
  2. I can remember most of my dreams; I often dream in color
  3. I remember dreams only when they are intense or significant


INSTRUCTIONS: Add the number associated with each answer to determine your total score. Example: If your total score is 65, your predominant dosha is Kapha.