The Conscious Pregnancy Movement takes the elements of conscious living (eating organic, mental health, green living, non-toxic pregnancy, Ayurveda) and acts as a catalyst to create a lifestyle tailored to potential, expectant and current mothers.  The process is simple, the repercussions are far-reaching, and the motion is revolutionizing the way motherhood and childbearing is experienced.

My goal is to educate women on: 

1. the importance of taking your prenatal vitamin 3 months pre-conception

2. the importance of preparing the body for pregnancy

3. taking the time during pregnancy to truly take care of the body and yourself

4. the 40 day diet and ritual post baby

5. Zen Mommy = Zen Baby

I truly believe that if women make these 5 simple changes to their lives pre-conception, during pregnancy, at birth, and postpartum, we would have a different experience of pregnancy, of maternal health, and of motherhood.  We would change the health and happiness of the babies being born for generations to come, and thus, we would change the world.