Over the last few years I’ve had the honor of speaking in front of thousands of people at over 50 events across the country.

I love sharing the messages of Modern Ayurveda, Health, Wellness, and living a #SpicyLife.

Shivani’s insight and experience make her an influential and inspirational speaker.  Her passion for her topics, ranging from organic pregnancy to the influence of Ayurveda on western medicine, is evident from the moment she addresses a room.  The applications of conscious living are as far-reaching as they are effective, and include green living, organic living, non-toxic pregnancy, organic and Ayurvedic pregnancy, Ayurvedic living, Ayurvedic medicine, SuperHerbs, and neutraceuticals.


Popular Speaking Topics

  • Modern Ayurveda
  • Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science
  • Turmeric + SuperSpices
  • Self Care Rituals for Wholeness
  • Optimal Health is an Inside Job

Modern Ayurveda Healthy Cooking

To learn more about Shivani’s availability and speaking topics, contact our team to discuss!



I had the honor and privilege to host Dr. Shivani Gupta as one of our speakers at the Listen Learn Care Foundation’s Women’s Symposiums.  Shivani was able to explain to the audience with great passion the importance of taking care of one’s self and how that can be done through the study of Ayurvedic Medicine and the use of Turmeric.

As I listened to her speak I realized this is her legacy. This is her passion . Her goal is for all of us to be together with family and friends for as long as possible and to be healthy. She was INSPIRING.  Shivani MOTIVATES you to take action with her 21 day challenges and her love of man. Thank you Shivani for opening my eyes to new possibilities!!!

Mary Wong, President
Listen Learn Care Foundation

We enjoyed Shivani’s talk on Inflammation and Ayurveda at the Center for Social Change so much! Shivani has presented several times and always inspires us with her electrifying enthusiasm for living in a healthier way. She always leaves us educated tips on how to truly care for our bodies and her wisdom is priceless. Shivani is an authentic and graceful speaker and she genuinely connects with people in a way that show’s how passionate she truly is about what she does. We’d be happy to have her back any time. Thanks Shivani!   

Christina Pearce, Wellness Director
Center for Social Change

It’s both my pleasure and honor to acknowledge Dr. Shivani Gupta for presenting her Strategic Business & Health Goals talk to the MINDful Women’s Group community during our bi-monthly speaker series. Dr. Gupta’s candid style and knowledgeable insight won over the attendees the moment she began speaking. To no surprise, she received the strongest acknowledgments. So if you get a chance to bring her into your organization or conference, do it with confidence.  

Sheena Eizmendez
MINDful Women’s Group


Previous Speaking Engagements

To date, Shivani has spoken at numerous events ranging from conference shows to physician educational events.  Below is a list highlighting some events she has spoken at in the past.

  •       Office Depot Foundation Women’s Symposium
  •       Chiropractic Associations
  •       Yoga Festivals + Events
  •       Ayurveda Workshops
And Dozens More…

Office Depot Women's Symposium